Research & Public Engagement

Research at the PSC

All research projects are completely voluntary and have no effect on PSC services.

Research Opportunities:

Public Engagement

The PSC has a long record of innovative and meaningful public engagement with diverse community partners. Over the last five decades, we have worked with organizations and community members to bring cutting edge services where they are most needed. Most of our public engagement initiatives involve UIUC students, faculty, and staff, allowing us to build education and service into our public engagement activities.

Examples of Past Public Engagement Activities:

  • Providing Data-Based Consultation to Religious Congregations and Organizations.
  • Access Initiative: Along with the efforts of many local leaders, agencies, and individuals, PSC staff and faculty helped Champaign County obtain a five year, $9 million dollar federal contract to create a “system of care” for youth and families with serious mental health concerns.
  • Advocacy Programming for girls in the JDC and for adult survivors of domestic violence.
  • Effective Black Parenting classes for local families in diverse locations, including local churches.
  • Community garden in collaboration with local school
  • Low cost child-care center for adolescent mothers
  • Small business program for African-American entrepreneurs in collaboration with local business community
  • Diversity, Restorative Justice, and Cultural Competence Workshops in collaboration with Champaign County Mental Health Board, Champaign County Human Services Council, the Independent Media Center, and local religious organizations